One is straight away struck by the paucity of words availed to expound this chanced-upon poiesis born in the crevasses of cultural hybridity and nourished in the no man's lands of ascetic transmutation...

The reification of dawn's resolve

This is not a theory, but a half-built mosaic of scattered, differentiated and remotely competing conceptualizations hardened from the start through lack of persistent and disciplined effort to monitor the course of its own notionality—an appropriately labeled orphan abstraction bundled into being with accessory sets of unseen forms that consensually if dubiously intimate consciousness—a patently baffling critical appeal to the vital dilemma that confounds elucidation of an infixed schema arising from refusals to render overt ones excessive intentions in appropriating artifacts that indicate, adequate, involve and annex competitively vague and lubricious formulations as avidity, mentation, bridle and abate: a conspicuous hushing of underpinning clarity set amidst the strewn, often cluttered propositions that wrangle emblematically evasive chores to stimulate mesmeric theaters screened from a lucid if tasteful affectation for scientific thought's most pervasive fallacy—an abstract arrangement deployed as to quell interstitial rumblings forming at the flanks of a scintillate drift towards the preferential site of the unicorn's pummelling: a theorematic blood-stained fetish intertwined with the fine-spun light of a night bird's call down bamboo paths of dawn's resolve in the stirring anonymity of unintentioned gesture stripped to the formlessness of its own infinitude.


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