The contemplative researcher lives aloof from society, a silent and unseen example it would seem. How is he to share his refined sensitivities, his ascetic and indeed aesthetic findings in ways that reveal their hidden purpose? (The Sritantra Project)

Laubiès on Pound

Wrote Laubies: «I do not remember having any difficulties returning to visit Pound at the Asylum of St. Elisabeth's. I asked him whether the surroundings obstructed him: "Not at all" he said, "these are the only acceptable Americans."

«When I told him that I was born in Saigon: "Ah, that's why! Only Europeans with a master key to the Suez Canal are worth something. . . ."»

«He died quiet as always in Venice, on his tomb a [laurel] shrub inclines itself toward offerings of flowers and seeds of young American poets.»

From Laubies, Ritratti e Aforismi / Portraits et Aphorismes (Bilingual, Italian and French), Morgana Edizioni, Firenze, 2002.

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