One is straight away struck by the paucity of words availed to expound this chanced-upon poiesis born in the crevasses of cultural hybridity and nourished in the no man's lands of ascetic transmutation...

Rene Laubies, new bio blurb

Rene Laubies was a painter, translator, traveler and writer. He was born in Cholon in the Imperial French Colony of Cochin-china to a well-off family around 1917. His father was Réunionnaise French-Colonial while his mother was of solid Sinitic roots from the upland Phu-Ly Dynasty of Annamese Mandarins. He died in the pauper's ward of the Government Hospital in Mangalore India on 13 November 2006.

He is associated with Tachisme and Art Informel, but particularly linked to Nuagisme or the "Cloudist" group of painters.

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