One is straight away struck by the paucity of words availed to expound this chanced-upon poiesis born in the crevasses of cultural hybridity and nourished in the no man's lands of ascetic transmutation...

Laubies show at Galerie Alain Margaron (Paris)

There is currently a showing of Laubies' works at Gallery Alain Margaron in Paris featuring forty works – oils, inks, and watercolours. It runs until March 13, 2010.

Alain Margaron has done a wonderful job in gathering, preserving and making René Laubies' work accessible to the public. He's the champion Laubies collector, hands down, and we should recognise that and learn from him. Everyone gains through cooperation. By estranging ourselves we only lose.

When viewing Laubies' oils on coated paper, mounted, or glued on stretched Belgian linen (maroufle sur toile), one should try (if allowed) to examine the backs in order to the see their manner of construction – it's very revealing. The general procedure is known as marouflage

When the painted paper is glued and pressed on tightly stretched canvas (i.e. canvas stretched on a stretcher or wooden frame) it acquires an altogether firmer support. Each stretched frame is built to the size of the painting it supports. Outcomes demonstrate very flush borders.

Don't be surprised when you view the current show and see very early, even pre-Cloudist paintings in stunning condition. Thank you Alain Margaron!

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