The contemplative researcher lives aloof from society, a silent and unseen example it would seem. How is he to share his refined sensitivities, his ascetic and indeed aesthetic findings in ways that reveal their hidden purpose? (The Sritantra Project)

Laubies on Nuagiste procedure

Rene Laubies, 1961, oil on coated paper mounted on stretched Belgian linen 

 "When a Chinese painter of the ancient high period began to paint, he first burned incense, calmed and stilled his mind, collected his spirit and meditated. He let life's troubles and sordid propaganda gradually depart. With his spirit opened, he created an inner emptiness and thereby communed with the vital force that impels the universe. In harmony with Nature, it was THAT which directed his brush... This is how I meditate and paint myself, in India and les îles de la Sonde, in the nature that I love, tropical and dense, or in the pure luminosity of the desert." (Laubies)

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