One is straight away struck by the paucity of words availed to expound this chanced-upon poiesis born in the crevasses of cultural hybridity and nourished in the no man's lands of ascetic transmutation...

A twofold approach

My research by this period had adopted a twofold approach combining academic research and creative writing, on the one hand, with conjectural investigation and practical application of the actual methods of painting themselves, on the other hand. And in accord with Laubies's painterly approach, it was an absolute imperative to find and inhabit a relatively isolated place in India conducive to imbuing ones aesthetic being with the natural setting's superlative qualities. It was essentially a form of aesthetic yoga where the actual work, be it textual or painted, was effectively constructed as a template of divinity. Through yogic concentration, purity, and grace one beckoned divinity to enter the temple.

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