Inadvertent naturalistic calligraphic tendencies of literati colour-field non-figuration whose outcomes exemplify not the expression of the individual or its cult but serve the collective documentation, curation and advancement of ascetic-arts knowledge.

Outside Korea 01 (the angel)

I vividly remember as a young escapee from the Gulag of America arriving by boat in the late 1970s to the port of Pusan at the Southeastern end of the Korean Peninsula. I spent the first night in a modest hotel and then boarded a Seoul-bound train the next morning. All that day I gazed out the windows to the frugal midsummer fields and meadows in desiccated shades of yellow and gold... These made me recall van Gogh's impastos of the sun-drenched estates around the town of Arles. I though, this is where van Gogh should have come. Working amongst these spirited people, he might have found real success in life...

More than twenty years passed. I wanted to return, but everyone warned you wouldn't recognise the place.

Where is the spirit of those Spartan fields today. How to uncover, study, and woo the angel of Korea's post-Cloudist transformation? "Clouds [the breath of heaven] follow the dragon..." (Confucius)

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