Inadvertent naturalistic calligraphic tendencies of literati colour-field non-figuration whose outcomes exemplify not the expression of the individual or its cult but serve the collective documentation, curation and advancement of ascetic-arts knowledge.

Tipped into sheer prefiguration

On learning of the passing of Rene Laubies the figurative infix died all around me. It had taken the death of my friend and teacher to tip me into sheer prefiguration. I had never been able to go there before in spite of my arriving to the crucial point of esteeming non-figuration solely. I had never been able to bring to an end the image/figure referencing impulse. So I simply quit painting and stuck to writing. Yet the drive to go total—to go without—adhered to me through years of intention-bearing √©criture: a quiet metamorphosis advancing formulation of a cumulative method that reveals the nearness of its blind operations to those of an illiterate calligraphist having doffed both semantic and semiotic latticework. But the concatenations of conspicuous extension sustains right through to anointive release and the hushed veneration of its ontic approach.

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