Inadvertent naturalistic calligraphic tendencies of literati colour-field non-figuration whose outcomes exemplify not the expression of the individual or its cult but serve the collective documentation, curation and advancement of ascetic-arts knowledge.

Pale-pink gradient grayscale morning

Woke this mourning well before sunrise. Listened to the BBC's Owen Bennett-Jones interview the Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic. Stepped on the street as light entered sky with clutches of girls in pale-pink skirts on their way to madrasa. Turned down an alley then halted looking back: a massive rain cloud swarming in the sky. Crossed Geylang Avenue just before the bridge and gazed again at ink-drenched sky. Then crossed the canal to Geylang Serai and bought fresh kaya buns from a baker. Returned immediately by a different set of alleys and arrived as rain started hitting the roof. Brewed Oolong tea.

See Geylang, Geylang Serai.