Inadvertent naturalistic calligraphic tendencies of literati colour-field non-figuration whose outcomes exemplify not the expression of the individual or its cult but serve the collective documentation, curation and advancement of ascetic-arts knowledge.

Calligraphic fragments

troy harris, untitled, 2007, gesso and graphite on korean paper
Upholding her prerogative to falsification in discursive drift between the living and the dead who can always be counted on, kept up to date and persuaded through continued rounds of renegotiations unsubjected to the mythos of enlightenment.

A culture that opens to ingratiating secrecy and throngs of children in haptic feint through baton-twirling streets of undelivered futures and totemistic pasts...

A cool nonlinear effusion of sanskriti to continuate aesthetic activation in vivo...

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